Q: What is gonorrhea?
A: Gonorrhea is a prevalent sexually transmitted infection that can strike both males and females. Once it infects someone, it can bring about infections to the throat, rectum, and genitals. It is very common for people between the ages of 15 years old and 24 years old.

Q: How can you get gonorrhea?

A: There are many methods of gonorrhea transmission, with sexual contact as the number one method of transmission. People who engage in unprotected sex with someone who has the STD can contract it by having anal, oral, or vaginal sex with that infected individual.

Q: Can gonorrhea affect your baby if you are pregnant and positive with this STD?
A: Yes, it can. Therefore, it is important to get diagnosed early on so that the appropriate treatment can be administered to the pregnant woman to avoid passing the infection on to the baby during childbirth.

Q: What is the best treatment solution for gonorrhea?

A: Doctors usually prescribe antibiotics to cure gonorrhea. There are different types of antibiotics, so you have to consult a doctor to determine which one is best for your condition.