The number of gonorrhea cases in Ottawa has increased over the past year, and that has caused alarm among the public health professionals in the region.

The rate of Gonorrhea infection in Ottawa

According to reports, during the first nine months of last year, there were only 50 documented cases of gonorrhea. However, in the last quarter of the year, the Ottawa Public Health documented 107 gonorrhea cases, which is a more than 50% rise.

Health officials are saying that the cause for this is the continued practice of unprotected sex. A lot of men and women still do not realize the importance of using protection when having sex, especially if with a new partner or multiple partners.

Prevention of infection

The importance of safe sex has always been a topic that health officials in Ottawa propagated but it seems that there still are people that disregard or ignore it. Despite all the programs they have implemented, such as handing out condoms, flyers, and pamphlets on sexual health and STDs, there still are those that fail to observe the proper precautions.

In addition to that, gonorrhea also does not trigger visible symptoms right away, so a lot of people fail to get tested and diagnosed while it is still early. They also end up still having sex with other people, unknowingly transmitting the STD to them.

Gonorrhea testing plays an important role here. People should get tested for it even though they do not manifest any sign or symptoms. Having an active sex life should be enough to push people to get a gonorrhea test.

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