What kind of exam is there for syphilis?

Actually, there is a technical name for the syphilis exam and it is known as the "Syphilis Rapid Plasma Reagin (RPR),” and it is often accompanied by a confirmation exam known as the Phosphorescent Treponemal Antibody (FTA). It is a blood exam that looks for the antibodies released by an infected person's immune system to battle off the infection. A syphilis test could uncover a recent or previous infection, as the antibodies can remain in the body for quite some time. For that reason, the FTA is typically conducted as soon as the RPR is done.

What kind of sample is needed when testing for syphilis?

A syphilis test requires a blood sample which will be taken by a medical professional at an adjacent medical center or health clinic.

How do you prepare for a syphilis test?
There is no need to prepare ahead of time for a syphilis test. Just relax while your blood is being drawn and after that, all you have to do is wait.

When can I obtain the results?

Syphilis test final results are usually available in at most five business days. You can get your results either by calling the laboratory that conducted the syphilis test, e-mailing them, or dropping by the facility in person.

How much is a syphilis test?

The cost for a syphilis test varies. You must check with your doctor about this. You must also inquire at your local hospitals and clinics about this. In some places, there are STD clinics that offer free STD testing, including syphilis tests, for everyone.

Is there a treatment option available for syphilis?

Yes, there is treatment option available for syphilis patients. In the event that you are tested positive for syphilis, your doctor is going to provide you with all options that you can take. He or she will discuss which one is the most efficient for you in order to cure your syphilis.

How often should I get a syphilis test?

There is a possibility that the antibodies that signal the presence of a syphilis infection might not be that evident yet when you take your first syphilis test. If that is the case, you can go through another syphilis test after at least one month or at most three months in order to confirm.