A person, who is infected with HIV virus, or human immunodeficiency virus, can transfer it to others if having unsafe sex, without using condoms, because they transfer bodily fluids, which contain HIV virus. These fluids are blood, semen, rectal and vaginal fluids, pre-seminal fluids and breast milk. These fluids easily come into contact with a mucous membrane or if there is some damaged tissue, and then the transmission of the virus can happen, without the person knowing it.

Spreading The HIV Virus

HIV virus is a dangerous sexually transmitted disease that causes more than 50,000 infections each year in the USA. It is mainly spread through sexual contact, particularly anal, which is the most dangerous one for spreading the infection, then vaginal and oral sexual contact. If you are practicing unsafe sex, you are at high risk of getting infected with this sexually transmitted disease. Also, if you are a drug user, sharing needles with others puts you in that high-risk group as well. HIV virus can also be transmitted in pregnancy, from mother to a child, even after birth, through blood transfusions and any other blood-related products, but these things usually go through some rigorous testing before they can be used. On the other hand, HIV virus is not airborne, and it can’t survive long outside the body because every virus has to have a host in order to multiply.


Those two terms have often confused people, especially in the past. They basically refer to the same disease, it only depends on what stage the disease is in. So, HIV is human immunodeficiency virus, it is the virus itself that invades your body and spreads through your cells. It can be dormant for a long time, or it can progress to a final stage, which is AIDS, the disease, after which there is no coming back. This is considered as the last stage of the infection and it usually ends up in death. AIDS stands for acquired immune deficiency syndrome. In the past, it took HIV virus to develop into AIDS in only a few years, because of various reasons, like mild symptoms that are usually disregarded by an infected person, so they do not test themselves in time, and of course, unsafe sex, having a lot of sexual partners, sharing needles, not using condoms and hoping for the best. That has changed nowadays because there are more advanced tests available to everyone, which can detect HIV virus at an early stage and prevent it from developing further.

If You Think You Have AIDS…

…You should definitely go and talk to your doctor and get tested as soon as possible. Be prepared for very hard and intimate questions, because your doctor needs to know some facts before doing the test. You can also get tested in a lot of community centers, in hospitals, at your doctor’s office, and you can also use online locators to find the place that is closest to you, especially if you live in a rural area.