When we talk about sexually transmitted diseases, there are several factors that we have to put into consideration, and one of these vital factors is timing. Getting an STD test and receiving treatment as soon as possible can potentially save you from various complications and dangers.

Rates of STD infection

According to the Centers for Disease Control or CDC, over 700,000 cases of gonorrhea infection happens every year in the United States alone, and only half of that number is documented and reported. Furthermore, around three million people are believed to be infected with Chlamydia each year without them knowing that they have contracted the disease. These scenarios are enough to concern and worry us about our health.

Why STDs are so lethal

Medical professionals say that untreated sexually transmitted diseases such as gonorrhea and Chlamydia can pose as big threats to anybody’s well-being. Since these STDs may not exhibit signs and symptoms early on, they can very well cause so much harm and damage to a person’s body without him or her realizing that he or she is sick.

Symptoms of STD infection

STDs such as gonorrhea infects various parts of the body including the fallopian tubes and uterus in females and other reproductive body parts. The pelvic inflammatory disease or PID is common to women who fail to get tested for STDs early on and receive the appropriate treatment. On the other hand, in men, some common side effects of STDs include pain in various reproductive parts, infertility, unusual discharge coming from the penis, and so on.

Testing for STDs

Because of the gravity of the destruction STDs can inflict on people, it is important to get STD tested routinely. There are several types of STD testing that people can go through, and they vary in many aspects. Certain STD tests require sophisticated equipment and may take several weeks to provide the test results. These kinds of STD tests are usually available in hospitals, STD centers, and other medical facilities. Other STD tests come in a more portable package and may need only a few minutes to give the results back. These kinds of STD tests are more generally known as STD rapid test kits. These devices are designed to make STD testing more convenient and hassle-free for all people. They can be bought online or from pharmaceutical stores at a very reasonable price.

So, if ever you think that you may have acquired an STD, you must go out and get yourself tested. It does not really matter which STD testing method you used as long as you seek the help of a medical expert along the way.