Researchers have learned that Chlamydia has the most number of documented cases among pretty much all the sexually-transmitted diseases (STDs) in America and in the United Kingdom. Due to this, the health industry is doing its best to guide people and make them informed about the repercussions of this health problem.

Only a few Chlamydia-infected individuals will show warning signs of this disease. That is the reason why many cases go without treatment and unrecognized. Despite the fact that greater than one hundred thousand were clinically determined as having it in 2006 in the United Kingdom, scientists believe that there are still much more out there that have problems with it.

What are the typical symptoms of Chlamydia?

Chlamydia does not constantly demonstrate symptoms, but when it does, the following are some of the most common:

  • pains in the rectum, abdomen, while urinating or having sex
  • Inflammation of the liver, cervix, fallopian tubes (in women)
  • bleeding in between menstrual periods
  • clear discharge released from the urethra
  • odd discharge from the rectum or vagina

In the advanced phase, an individual might contract a pelvic inflammatory disease or PID, and salpingitis, which can result in ectopic pregnancy in women and infertility.

What can you do to detect Chlamydia in its early stage?

A Chlamydia test kit is an extremely beneficial instrument to help people discover whether they have contracted it. It can offer them information on whether their signs or symptoms allude to Chlamydia or not. This product is obtainable in stores and also over the internet. It is appropriate for those that are so ashamed or frightened to go to the medical center and see a medical doctor.

The kits are created so that potentially-infected individuals can do the test in the comfort of their own residences, in their very own time. Adolescents who are too scared to discuss this problem with adults can do the test on their own, but they must be advised to see a specialist keep away from any more serious problems. If tested positive, the following move must be to find a way to deal with it. This is the perfect time to look for professional help. If tested negative, you must advise yourself to observe safe sex at all times. Chlamydia can easily be obtained through oral, anal or vaginal sex, so make certain you use the proper protection.

How do you treat Chlamydia?

An afflicted patient in the early stage will normally be encouraged to take doxycycline for one week. A number of tests will follow suit to monitor if there are developments or complications. Their sexual partners also need to undergo the same tests to examine their conditions. This better is performed immediately so as to treat the bacteria instantly.

It is reasonably crucial that you do something against Chlamydia before it widely spreads and destroys a person’s health. Go pay a visit to your doctor to find out more about how dangerous this disease is to the human body.