Gay Men and ChlamydiaChlamydia is a disease which is transmitted from one person to another sexually and most of the times it targets’ gay men as written in an online journal named Sexually Transmitted Infections.  Most of the times you would have heard women suffering through Chlamydia, not most but all of the time because it directly infect the urethra of women but you would be amazed by knowing that Chlamydia Also grows in the human’s rectum. For such reasons, rectal tests should be a part of gay men’s health care routine.

The online journal added that men with HIV are also confident with rectal Chlamydia.

As we all know that right now, Chlamydia is the most common disease in the whole world which is sexually transmitted. It is on the top of the sexually transmitted infections in USA and UK. If a man wants to test his Chlamydia than he has to get his urethral and rectal Chlamydia tested.

Why recommend rectal Chlamydia test?

Studies showed that 8% of the gay men are suffering through rectal Chlamydia, and 5% of the gay men are suffering from urethral Chlamydia. Many gay men have got themselves tested but for only the one sort of Chlamydia which they think they don’t have but either way, they get infected by the other one which they did not get tested.

What are the symptoms of Chlamydia in gay men?

Gay men who are infected with the following disease experience some discharges which come out of their private parts. Most of the time the liquid which discharges are of yellowish, whitish color and are thick and watery at the same time. During bowel moments and urination they get that burning sensation in the there penis. But the worst part is that sometimes it happens that you don’t feel the symptoms at all, and you just do everything and even infect your partner(s).  Gay men living with Chlamydia regardless of the site experiences possible discharges from their Chlamydia treatment

Is Chlamydia is common; it is sort of not that hard to treat. As you know that how easily it can be transferred from one to another, it just takes a dose of antibiotics to finish them. Most of the times, the time of the treatment is seven days in which you are highly restricted to have any sexual contact with your partner.

Preventing sexually transmitted diseases such as Chlamydia

In today’s world, everybody is not satisfied with just one partner, everybody wants a thrill, everybody needs change, as variety is the spice of life but one thing you always have to be sure about is that you use a condom. It does not adequately protect you, but at least it helps you not get bacteria or any virus transmitted to your body. If you have any doubts about yourself that I could even infect my partner, who won’t be good so to finish up all other doubts, you get yourself checked. It is better to kill the snake when it's small, not when it gets big so if you realize any symptoms in your body all you got to do is just get yourself checked and get a treatment