Several millions of people in the world today are suffering from HIV. This disease is an infection caused by a virus known as the Human Immunodeficiency Virus. It can be transmitted from one person to another via sex, blood, or mother to baby.

285x285_HIV_Rash_Skin_Changes_2It is important for people to test for HIV at the earliest opportunity to prevent more severe symptoms and complications. Undergoing an HIV test will properly diagnose the disease and allow you to find the correct treatment for it. But, if you fail to do so, you are at risk of getting AIDS.

AIDS is the final stage of HIV. It kicks in if the person fails to get tested and treatment for his or her illness. It is one of the top fatal diseases for many years now because it has no cure.

People who have AIDS will suffer from the following complications:

  • Sores in the genital region, anus, or mouth

  • Rapid weight loss

  • Inflammation of the lymph glands located in the neck, groin, or armpit area

  • Pneumonia

  • Depression

  • Memory loss

  • Fever

  • Night sweats

  • Fatigue

  • Persistent diarrhea

These all are terrible things, so it is really necessary to get an HIV test early on to avoid putting yourself in this situation.

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