Chlamydia is a sexually-transmitted disease that has affected people of all countries in the world. It is a dangerous disease to have because it can cause several damages to the body without you noticing it. It can spread to other parts of your body without manifesting any visible symptoms. 

How can you get Chlamydia?

You can get Chlamydia by having sexual intercourse with a person who has Chlamydia. Whether you are a man or a woman, you are at risk of being infected with Chlamydia if you participate in any kind of sexual activity with a Chlamydia-positive person, whether you do the sexual act anally, orally, or vaginally. 

Another way to get Chlamydia is via a pregnant mother who is infected with Chlamydia, and she passes the infection on to her unborn child. 

What are the common effects of Chlamydia?

Chlamydia causes numerous effects on the person it has infected. Its symptoms also vary among women and men. In women, Chlamydia can cause various complications such as ectopic pregnancy, infertility, damaged fallopian tubes, and PID or pelvic inflammatory disease. In men, Chlamydia can cause complications in the testicles and reproductive system, resulting in infertility.

Once a person contracts Chlamydia, he or she becomes more susceptible to other diseases such as HIV, and other sexually-transmitted diseases. 

Why is testing for Chlamydia important?

Testing for Chlamydia is important because it spreads really fast and can progress to more severe diseases. One thing that not a lot of people are aware of is that Chlamydia is actually a silent killer. Once it infects a person, he or she may not experience visible symptoms for several days or weeks. Because of this, a lot of Chlamydia cases are left undiagnosed. The patients only take action when they start experiencing the symptoms, and these usually happen in the later stages of the disease. 

As soon as you suspect that you have Chlamydia, you have to get a Chlamydia test immediately. This way, you can get the right kind of treatment if you turn out to be positive with the infection. 

How is Chlamydia testing done?

There are many different ways to test for Chlamydia. One way to get tested for Chlamydia is by going to STD clinics where doctors and other medical professionals are there to assist you throughout the testing procedure. Alternatively, you can buy a Chlamydia home test kit if you prefer to do the test in private. You can buy Chlamydia home testing kits over the counter, from the STD clinics, and online.