1. Early Detection

There are millions of people that get infected with HIV around the world. The main reason for this is that those that already have the virus do not know that they have it and continue passing it on to other people, through sex and other methods. With the use of a rapid HIV home test kit, one can detect the virus right away.

2. Private 

Having HIV or even the belief that you might have this disease is not something to be proud of. So, people would look for a way to test for HIV that would not embarrass them or humiliate them in public. This is when a rapid HIV home test kit becomes useful.

3. Easy to use

A rapid HIV home test kit is designed for easy use. It can be handled by anyone, even those that do not have any medical background. It allows testing for HIV at home, wherever and whenever you want. You just have to provide a sample of your blood and the kit can diagnose it.

4. Accurate

Rapid HIV home test kits have to be certified by major health laboratories so that they would get a certified seal. This means that if you see a rapid home HIV test kit with that seal, you are guaranteed only accurate test results, as long as you follow the steps on how to do the test properly.

5. Fast

Using a rapid HIV home test kit can give you an accurate and reliable test result in just 15 minutes, unlike other HIV testing methods that would take days or even weeks. Less time to wait, less amount of anxiety and panic.