5 facts about Hepatitis C

1. Hepatitis C is caused by the Hepatitis C virus that attacks a human being’s liver. It may be asymptomatic and slowly and discreetly bring harm and damage to a person’s important bodily organs.

2. Everyone is in danger of contracting Hepatitis C — males, females, young, and old, including children and pregnant women.

3. There are different ways to transmit Hepatitis c and that includes an infected pregnant mother to her baby. For this reason, it is necessary for pregnant women to get tested for Hepatitis C promptly so that they can receive the necessary treatment solution to avoid passing the infection on to their babies.


4. In many developing countries, transmission of Hepatitis C from mother to baby is the number one cause of Hepatitis C infection. Many factors are tied to this, including lack of education, information, and awareness, costly testing, diagnosis, and treatment medications, and so on.

5. Early Hepatitis C testing can help manage and control the virus before it does some serious damage and harm. Visit a doctor or head to a medical facility and schedule a Hepatitis C test to know if you have been infected.

Or, you can use a rapid Hepatitis C test kit which allows you to conduct the test by yourself, at home, whenever you want.