An HIV test can determine whether you are infected with HIV or not. HIV, which stands for Human Immunodeficiency Virus, is a deadly infection that can infect all of us. Every year, millions of people are getting infected with it, and this just goes to show how contagious this disease really is.

How is HIV transmitted?

HIV can be transmitted from one person to another through various methods. The most common way to spread it is through sexual intercourse with an HIV-positive person. Whether you have sex with that person orally, anally, or vaginally, you are going to contract the virus all the same.

Another way to get infected with HIV is by sharing needles and other paraphernalia with a person who has HIV. Also, receiving blood from an HIV-infected person can also give you HIV.

Why is it important to get tested for HIV?

Because of the prevalence of HIV, it is important to get an STD test as soon as you suspect that you have the infection. There are certain groups of people that are more susceptible to having the disease, and if you belong to any of those, it is your responsibility to get an HIV test as soon as possible.

Who should get tested for HIV?

People who are sexually active are advised to get an HIV test regularly. Those that have multiple sex partners are also encouraged to do the same thing. Those that received any blood transfusions recently are also recommended to undergo an HIV test.

Where can people get an HIV test?

Those that want to get an HIV test should visit their doctors or go to the nearest STD clinics or health facilities to undergo an HIV test. Patients are required to give a sample of their body fluids, usually blood or urine, in order to determine whether they have the virus or not.

Alternatively, they can go online and purchase an HIV home test kit or rapid HIV test kit from websites that sell medical products.

Furthermore, people can also search for online testing centers that receive body fluids samples from patients and examine those samples to know whether the patients have HIV or not. What patients have to do is to send a sample of their blood or urine to the testing center by sending it to them so that they can look at the sample and test it for traces of HIV or antibodies.