HIV testing is necessary to be able to receive the correct treatment for the infection. It has different types, and a medical worker may recommend one over the other, depending on your situation.


Here are the different types of HIV testing methods and a summary of what they do:

Anitgen p24 test

- window is period is between 11 days to 30 days
- tests for p24 viral protens
- the standard screening assay used in the United Kingdom
- very reliable for patients with primary HIV infection
- test result is available after a few days or weeks

Antibody tests

- window period is three months
- test for HIV antibodies
- typically used in the European region
- return very reliable results
- test results are released after a few days or weeks

Fourth generation tests

- window period is 11 days to 30 days
- test for p24 viral proteins and HIV antibodies
- very reliable
- commonly used in the UK and the US
- test results are available in about two to fourteen days

PCR/NAT test

- window period is 12 days
- tests for HIV genetic material
- highly reliable
- used in developed countries
- result is available after about a week

Rapid test kit

- window period is three months
- tests for HIV antibodies
- reliable for quick HIV testing
- commonly used in resource-poor facilities
- test result is availabel after about 15 to 20 minutes

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