In general, people do not quite understand the terms HIV and AIDS. Since they have been properly defined in 1981, there have been numerous hypotheses, myths, and often-false facts about them. Even though a lot has been invested in educating people about HIV and AIDS, it is still very important to know what is true and what is not true, because that kind of knowledge can save lives. So, test your knowledge with these true or not true facts.

People Get Infected Solely By Taking The HIV Test. NOT TRUE.

It can happen only if a medic reuses a needle that he/she previously used on someone who is infected with the virus.

You Can Get Infected With HIV By Sitting On A Toilet Seat. NOT TRUE.

It is important to know that HIV virus cannot be transmitted through normal everyday contact, like touching doorknobs, sitting on a toilet, shaking hands and such. The only methods that we know of are practicing unsafe sex, intravenous use of drugs, exposing oneself to bodily fluids, the blood of an infected person, in pregnancy from mother to child, and if blood transfusions are not checked properly, which is today highly unlikely.

HIV Can’t Be Cured. TRUE.

Unfortunately, the cure for HIV has not yet been discovered. You can suppress it with medications, which can cause the virus to become dormant, so there is a possibility of a prolonged life as well.

If You Get Infected With HIV, You Are Definitely Going To Die From AIDS. NOT TRUE.

Before, if you have been diagnosed with HIV meant that you would eventually develop AIDS and die from numerous side effects of the disease. But today, using proper medication, changing your diet and your style of life means that you can keep the virus dormant, therefore keep the virus contained, as well as its complications, for years to come.

Having Unprotected Sex With A HIV Positive Partner, And You Being Positive As Well, Is All Right. NOT TRUE.

If you and your partner both have AIDS, you should keep it in check by going to medical counseling, and take measures to prevent the exposure of the virus onto others around you.

Oral Sex Is One Of The Ways To Spread, Or Get Infected With HIV. TRUE.

If the person conducting oral sex has a cut or a wound, HIV can easily be transmitted through that.

Mosquitoes Can Disperse HIV. NOT TRUE.

Mosquitoes can indeed spread lots of different diseases, but HIV is not one of them.

You Can Be HIV Positive Without Knowing It. TRUE.

Yes, it is possible to have HIV, and not feel any symptoms for some time.

Different Virus Causes HIV And AIDS. NOT TRUE.

HIV virus, when not contained with treatment, can easily develop into AIDS, which will cause your immune system to collapse.

You Can’t Spread HIV Virus Around If You Are On Medication. NOT TRUE.

Being on medication to treat HIV does not save you from spreading it by using shared needles, or practicing unsafe sex, for example.