It has been reported that around seventy percent of the individuals with Chlamydia are not recognizing that they have the illness. Why is it that such things happen? It is because of the fact that Chlamydia does not usually reveal obvious warning signs. It is devastating to the female reproductive system and can trigger infertility. If you assume that you could have it, or if you know a person who could or has it, head over to a health care provider at once.

Methods of testing for Chlamydia

For quite a while, medical experts have spent many years and money trying to find ways to efficiently and accurately determine and test Chlamydia. Let me share some of the most popular Chlamydia testing methods:

The Nucleic Acid Amplification Tests (NAAT) – This is regarded as the widely-used examination procedure that health professionals make use of today. It looks at the DNA of the sufferer very carefully to identify more accurately what is changing into the patient’s body. It makes use of very sophisticated equipment and a device that can examine microorganisms unclear with the naked eye.

DNA Probe - The technique generally known as DNA probe is also among the very popular ones, and it locates trails of the Chlamydia DNA in the body. But yet, it is not as reliable as the NAAT.

Direct Fluorescent Antibody Stain - One more method to get Chlamydia testing is named the direct fluorescent antibody stain. It operates by searching to acquire the Chlamydia antigens, elements that switch on the launching of antibodies that will combat and kill them.

Chlamydia Home Test Kits - Aside from that, there are home test kits immediately obtainable in many drug stores and health clinics currently. They are being used to uncover whether you are afflicted with Chlamydia, inside the house, in your own private time. It is rather not as efficient as the other strategies, but it is acceptable to alert you if you really have the illness or not.

What do you do after testing?

Any time you get hold of your test results, be geared up on how to continue next. Getting a negative denotes you do not have the sickness. Yet as a preventive measure, try your best to have a healthy lifestyle here on out. Then again, if you get a positive test result, discuss with your doctor and take into consideration what he or she needs you to perform next. The Chlamydia treatment strategies will probably begin with you taking antibiotics until virtually all indicators and tracks of it have gone away.

Undiagnosed and abandoned Chlamydia is very hazardous. It makes a person definitely susceptible to get afflicted with other STDs, and HIV. Males and females are at risk of it so people need to be alert of their health exercises.