HIV screening exams and diagnostic methods are for tracking the activities of the HIV antibodies in the body system of an individual. They have been recognized to offer the productive and correct diagnosis for many years now. Even so, there will be instances when the conventional methods will show inadequacy, and so the assistance of the least common strategies are tapped.

Diagnostic techniques

The following are merely a few of the normal HIV diagnostics medical specialists still utilize to date:

ELISA is a technique that is the most generally accepted and most patronized among them. It takes a patient’s blood sample which will be tested for remnants of HIV antibodies. It is undertaken along with a confirmatory method known as the Western Blot. Both these kinds of strategies need exquisite technological innovation and are far pricier than the other ones.

In case the Western Blot test is unable to sense the occurrence of the antibodies, experts can try another confirmatory process known as the Radioimmunoprecipitation Assay. It uses a fully-functioning diagnostic tool that will search for the antibodies skipped by the Western Blot test. It will, however, cost the victim more and take a much longer time to give results. Only skilled lab technicians are able to perform the test.

If you are on a limited budget, the Rapid Latex Agglutination Assay is a substitute that is not as difficult and very expensive as the former methods. It is well suited for developing countries that are hunting for a cost-effective HIV screening approach minus the sky-high expenses.

Home screening tests

There are also home HIV screening tests intended for those that value their personal space. In the United Kingdom, the usage of home screening tests was presented six years ago. In this instance, a patient is expected to send over to the laboratory a sample of his or her saliva. Although the process is much less heavy, they say that saliva is not an incredibly dependable specimen to pick up the HIV antibodies. They still think that blood samples are way more beneficial for this function.

It is actually expensive to go through all these tests. This explains why it is far better to avoid the attack of HIV to your body as compared with to get affected by it and find solutions to cure it. Do not forget to use protection when having sex, and merely attempt to live a type of lifestyle that will not put you in danger of these sorts of health problems.