The sexually-transmitted disease known as gonorrhea is caused by the bacterium known as gonococci. It often infects a person’s urethra or cervix. However, in some cases, the bacteria may also infect the eyes, anus, or throat.

Because of how easy it is to transmit gonorrhea from one person to another, everybody is encouraged to undergo a gonorrhea test in order to determine whether they have gonorrhea or not. There are various ways of gonorrhea testing, and knowing what your gonorrhea testing options are will be of great help to you in case you or somebody you know gets infected with gonorrhea.

Urine test

One way to test for gonorrhea is through a urine test. A patient needs to provide a sample of his or her urine. The laboratory will look for the presence of the gonorrhea bacteria in the urine. The gonorrhea bacteria have the ability to multiply several times in an hour, forming some colonies. The laboratory will be able to identify the kind of bacteria present in the urine based on the color, size, number, and shape of the colonies.

Online testing for gonorrhea

Some people might have a hard time finding a medical facility that conducts urine tests for gonorrhea in their areas. Because of this, they have to look for an alternative.

There are gonorrhea testing centers online which accept urine samples from patients who cannot find urine testing centers in their areas. These online gonorrhea testing centers ask their patients to mail their urine samples to them so that they can examine those for them.

Before sending out your urine sample, make sure that the vial for your urine is clean so as to avoid any kind of contamination.

Home gonorrhea tests

There is another alternative that gonorrhea patients may want to look into regarding gonorrhea testing.

Home gonorrhea tests may be the answer that many people are looking for in terms of an efficient, reliable, affordable, and convenient method of testing for gonorrhea. These products are very easy to acquire; they are available over the counter or from health centers. They can also be ordered from online shops and have those delivered to your home.

These home gonorrhea testing kits are easy to use. You can just read the instructions on how to proceed with the gonorrhea test. Follow each step carefully so that the results that you will get are accurate.