So, gentlemen, do you know your common STD signs? If your answer is no! Then you are lucky that I will be discussing this today, so pull up a comfy chair, have a cuppa and pin back your ears as I am about to begin and reveal all.

The optimum time for you to catch an STD is when you are between the ages of 15-30 years old. And the occurrence of this is because you did not use a condom whilst you were having sexual relations, so you were having unprotected sex. Which is why time and again I repeat to you “The best sex is when you use a condom”.

The signs of The STD

Having some kind of STD really is common in our world of today, so you need to know that some will have very similar outward symptoms and that once you are infected with one it can also develop into you having others too.

The first that I want to introduce to you is Gonorrhoea, now this is caused by a bacterium which will affect your anus, throat, and urethra. Sex which involves oral, vaginal or anal will infect anyone who has this STD. Unfortunately, in males, you will not always see any symptoms of gonorrhea to alert you. But you should be looking out for, 

  • Having pain when you are urinating.
  • Having inflamed testes.
  • An unusual colored discharge from your penis.

The common STDs to look out for

Now next up comes an STD which has always been well promoted in the case of females but not so much in males who are in fact just as much at risk of catching the bacterium, any guesses gentlemen? Was that a No! Did I hear from you then? Right I will reveal it now, it is Chlamydia. So please remember that this is an STD which you can develop and that it is not exclusive to our female population. The outward signs and symptoms of chlamydia will develop from having sexual relations without using a condom with a person who already had the infection and it will be around 14 days before you see any of this happening,

You will be looking for,

  • Inflammation of your testes.
  • Being in some pain and discomfort when you are urinating.
  • Having an odd discharge coming out of your penis.

These are just two of the most common STDs that you could become infected with if you have unprotected sex with numerous partners. And yes I know that it is very normal for you gentlemen to have quite a few different partners when you are younger, but I say to you please use a condom which will create that all-important barrier so that any skin to skin contamination is not allowed to occur. 

In part two of my STD symptoms just for you gentlemen, I will be discussing Herpes and Syphilis so please make sure you look out for that. But until then I will say goodbye and I will see you next time.