With the prevalence of numerous types of sexually-transmitted diseases nowadays, it is apparent to work together to stop the spread of these terrible infections.

Caused by different types of microorganisms, such as viruses, parasites, and bacteria, STDS are usually transmitted through sex.

So, anyone who engages in sexual activity may become at risk for STDs. But, there are certain groups of people that are more prone to get STDs than the others.

1. Casual Sex

People who engage in casual sex often are more likely to get infected with STDS in comparison to those who are in mutually monogamous relationships.

2. No Condoms

Those that do not use protection, such as latex condoms, when having anal, vaginal, or oral sex are at greater risk for STDs.

3. Drug Use

People who use drugs and inject drugs using needles and syringes are more likely to get STDs, especially if they share this paraphernalia with their fellow drug addicts.

4. Medical Worker

People who work in the medical field and handle blood a lot of times should always wear gloves and other protective gear to avoid contaminating themselves with infected blood.