HIV is a virus that has been escalating planetary. This virus is epidemic and can be found in each and every part of the earth. This virus is just like a tsunami in today’s modern world. To prevent the virus people should be smart enough and take every health precaution possible, in order to be safe from it. So there are two variations of the disease, the one which is more common is the HIV-1, it has been studied more deeply and the doctors have discovered more and more cures for it. Whilst, No real cures have been found out but some programs are discovered that directly attacks the virus and just slows it down to an extent that the person who has it can live like a normal human being, virus free. This virus has targeted people from nearly every age group, but nowadays people are getting quite concerned that it only targets people above the age of fifty. Does this mean that the older you get, the more you are in danger? 



Encouraging Results that Latest Studies Have Shown Regarding HIV

This virus is being studied deeply worldwide. There are many recent types of research which states that the virus does not only target the old people but it can target anyone, regardless of their age, sex or even the time. This clearly means that even if you are old, you won’t have higher chances of contracting the disease. As the older people have naturally weaker bodies and immune systems, it would be possible that the virus would target them but this does not mean that the older persons are targeted more than younger people but it means that as the older people are weaker, there is more of a chance of virus getting into their bodies. 

The Best Cure for All Ages is to Prevent HIV 

 The people belonging to all age group should take precautionary procedures in order to put off HIV because there are various medicines and programs out there that can be helpful for stopping the quick progress of HIV. Just because HIV has been further widespread in the current years, the fact leftovers that people have to be more thoughtful about what is going on around them. As well as, it is true that numerous medicines have been revealed to treat this virus, but the best way to combat it is by attaining more knowledge about it. The more the knowledge some person would have the less the chances of being infected would be there. As they would have more knowledge they won’t throw their lives away and lose hope but will definitely fight against it. 

 Play your Good Role in the World!

We should play our role by informing our family and friends about this virus so they could further spread the word and increase more awareness about the virus.  The more the people would know about it, the less it would be spread. We should conduct programs so that people will get the awareness regarding this harmful disease and the harms that it will cause to human health.