What are STDs?

STDs stand for sexually-transmitted diseases. They are medical conditions that can be caused by either a virus or bacterium. They can be transmitted in many different ways and can affect human beings, whether they are male, female, young, or old.
How are STDs transmitted?
STDs are primarily transmitted via sexual intercourse. They can be passed on from an STD-positive individual to another by having unprotected sex. Also, those that have multiple sex partners have higher chances of acquiring STDs.
Furthermore, getting infected blood into your body is another way of acquiring STDs. Blood transfusion and using contaminated needles are just two ways of STD transmission that involves blood. Open wounds and cuts that get exposed to the STD can also serve as entryways for the bacteria or viruses to get inside the body.
A woman who is pregnant and infected with an STD can also pass the disease on to her baby while inside the womb or upon delivery. The percentage for each type of STD is different, so better check with a medical professional just to make sure.
What to do if you have an STD?
The STD should be properly diagnosed if you show any STD sign and symptom. So, get tested right away by using rapid STD test kits or going to STD clinics or medical facilities. If you test positive, medical experts will provide you with the appropriate treatment solution to help cure you.
People should know the importance of getting an STD test so as to keep themselves away from very serious complications. STD Rapid Test Kits offers an affordable, convenient and easy way to get tested for STDs.