There are many kinds of sexually-transmitted diseases that affect several millions of people in the world. They are caused by either a virus or bacteria and spread very fast. They are usually transmitted from one person to another through sexual contact, but there are also other ways to contract it such as through blood transfusion and sharing needles with an infected person.

Awareness about these STDs is important because many of them are a bit difficult to diagnose. Many of them share the same symptoms, and this might be confusing to people who do not have enough and the right information about STDs.

The following are some of the widely known STDs and a short description of them:


AIDS is a fatal disease. A person who has HIV may acquire AIDS if his or her condition has been left undiagnosed or if his or her treatment did not work. In the United States alone, more than one people are suffering from HIV and AIDS. Both these infections are common in other parts of the world, especially those that are struggling economically.


The most familiar symptoms of herpes are cold sores on the genitals or around the mouth. Once they appear in your body, it means that you have to get tested for herpes to verify if you indeed have the disease. Herpes is very common and can spread around really fast. Go to the nearest STD clinic and get an STD test.


Syphilis affects both men and women. It does not choose its victims. It is said to have infected famous historical personalities such as Napoleon Bonaparte and Christopher Columbus. Some of the symptoms of herpes are painful urination and strange discharge. Today, STD tests for syphilis are available in clinics and hospitals. There are also syphilis home test kits for those that prefer the easier and faster way. 


Gonorrhea exhibits symptoms such as ugly-looking discharge from the genitals and painful urination. People who are infected with it can undergo a gonorrhea test that usually requires a urine sample.

Genital Warts

These genital warts appear, of course, in the genital area. If left untreated, they might cause cervical cancer for females. This is why it is essential that women get STD tested for genital warts before they progress into something more serious.


Scabies starts out as a reddish rash on the skin which eventually leads to skin cracking. To get tested for scabies, a biopsy of the infected skin will be done. So once you notice these impurities on your skin, schedule an STD exam immediately before it is too late.