For people who suspect that they have acquired HIV, there are several different HIV tests that you can take in order to determine if you have the virus or not. The following are some of the most widely used:

HIV Antibody Test

The HIV Antibody Test is the most recommended HIV test option for people who want get HIV tested. It is commonly used by medical professionals to detect the HIV antibodies present in a patient’s system. There are different methods that belong to this type of test, and two of the most known are the ELISA antibody test and the EIA antibody test.

This HIV testing option looks for HIV antibodies by using blood, urine, or saliva samples. You see, when a person contracts HIV, his or her body reacts by releasing antibodies that will fight off the virus. Once these antibodies are found in a patient’s fluid sample, it is safe to say that he or she has indeed acquired the virus.

ELISA and EIA are highly dependable when it comes to knowing if a patient has HIV or not. They have been used for quite some time now, and they continue to give a high percentage of accurate results.

Home Test Kits

Having HIV is a problem that will affect a person’s life in more ways than one. The virus causes several symptoms that can slowly destroy a person’s organs and systems. If left untreated or undiagnosed the virus can spread to other parts of the body and will eventually take the person’s life. Furthermore, an HIV-infected person will very likely spread the virus if he or she is not aware that he or she has it.

Aside from the physical effects of HIV, there are also social matters that a patient will have to face. Having HIV is not something to be proud of, and people who suffer from it are often ostracized by the society. As a result, a lot of them are afraid of going to STD clinics to have themselves tested. This is when home test kits become really useful.

HIV home test kits are portable test kits that a person can use anytime, anywhere. It comes in a handy package that is easy to use. A person who wants to get tested privately can purchase one of these home test kits and do the exam in private. HIV home test kits are available in drug stores, STD clinics and hospitals, and other medical facilities. They can also be purchased online from various medical website stores.

There is no reason why people should not get HIV tested as soon as they suspect they might have the virus. Get tested immediately before any complications start to develop.