HIV is one of the most prevalent sexually-transmitted diseases in the world today. According to reports, it has affected several millions of people, regardless of their gender, race, and age.

Why is HIV so prevalent?

HIV is easily transmitted so it is not really a surprise how it has victimized that many people. Its number one mode of transmission is through sexual intercourse. Those that have an active sex life are more likely to get it than the others. It can be transmitted via oral, anal, or vaginal sex.

Once a person is infected with HIV, he or she may not show visible symptoms for a number of days. The reason for this is that HIV has an incubation period, and during that time, it just silently makes it way around our bodies, causing damages discreetly.

Because of this ability, many HIV cases are left undiagnosed. Why would you get an HIV test if you are not seeing any HIV symptoms at all? People do not see the point of undergoing an HIV test if there is not enough reason for them to do so. This attitude is what contributes to the continuous increase of HIV cases around the world.

Why people should test for HIV

Many health organizations have repeatedly stressed the importance of getting tested for HIV or other kinds of STDs regularly, most especially if you have an active sex life. There are many HIV testing options available for all of us today, so there is no reason as to why it would be impossible to get HIV tested.

Methods of conducting HIV testing

Consulting a doctor is probably one of the easiest ways to get an HIV test. Doctors can refer you to other doctors if they do not have the capacity to conduct an HIV test.

Visiting an STD clinic is also a smart move. STD clinics have been established in various places around the world to provide accessible HIV testing centers and others to people who may be suffering from STDs. You can look up the nearest STD clinic in your area and book an appointment for an HIV test.

Home HIV test kits are also becoming popular today. These products are able to provide accurate results in a shorter period of time. People who do not want to face all the embarrassment of going to STD clinics for an HIV testing can use a home HIV testing kit in order to know whether they have HIV or not.