There are several types of HIV tests designed for those who would like to get HIV tested. Many employ innovative laboratory equipment and apparatus, whilst others tend to be more handy and trouble-free.
Since so many people are being infected with HIV as time passes, it is essential that each sexually active person on the planet goes through an HIV test to ensure that they do not carry the virus. Listed below are some of the most well-known HIV test procedures used these days: 

HIV Examinations in Hospitals

Hospitals are designed with different types of lab machines that allow them to carry out their tasks effectively. Should you be somebody who would like to check if you have HIV, you might want to stop by any nearby hospital and get tested for HIV. The process will not take a long time. You will likely be out of the medical center under an hour. All you have to to do is supply the doctors with a sample of your own urine, saliva, or blood. As soon as that is done, you can expect your results after a minimum of a week. The lab is going to examine your fluids and search for signs of HIV antibodies in them. They are going to inform you of the outcome whenever they can. 

EIA or Enzyme Immuno Assay
The Enzyme Immuno Assay also called EIA method is an HIV test that makes use of a plasma-containing serum which is acquired from a patient’s vein. There are a variety of specific equipment and tools associated with this technique. The doctor is going to take a sample of the patient’s blood and take a look at it in the laboratory. In this particular HIV testing process, the doctor will look for signs or symptoms of HIV antibodies in the blood. In the event that he or she discovers one, this means that the affected individual has HIV simply because his or her immune system has released these kinds of HIV antibodies to fight the virus. Results from EIA examinations usually take a couple of days or weeks. Although it can not really give the news quicker, it is regarded as among the most precise HIV testing methods these days. 

Rapid HIV Test
A rapid HIV test basically can be carried out rapidly. It is going to only take approximately 5-30 minutes to execute the procedure. The United States Food and Drug Administration has authorized the utilization of a rapid HIV test named the Single Use Diagnostic System that enables the accomplishment of the method in shorter time period. It is a very sensible means of getting HIV tested since it does not require all of the states of the art lab instruments to be able to verify if an individual has HIV or not. A lot of health professionals choose to use it simply because it is very simple to execute and extremely simple to operate.