There are different types of hepatitis infections in existence. Today, the most common are probably the hepatitis C, hepatitis B, and hepatitis A. They are caused by different organisms and they attack the liver and cause serious harm and damage.

Many people who get hepatitis do not show signs and symptoms for some time. But, there are others that develop visible signs and symptoms that usually include:

  • - appetite loss
  • - dark urine
  • - fever
  • - itchiness
  • - nausea
  • - vomiting
  • - fatigue
  • - muscle pains
  • - joint pains
  • - jaundice, a condition that is characterized by the yellowing of the skin and/or eyes- abdominal pains


Once these symptoms occur, it is important that you undergo hepatitis testing to accurately diagnose the disease. The earlier you do this, the sooner you can get treated for this disease and avoid all the severe complications that hepatitis can bring.

Untested and untreated hepatitis can result in liver cancer, liver failure, and other problems that may cost you your life. So, get a hepatitis test at the earliest opportunity.