STDs, or sexually-transmitted diseases, have affected millions of people around the world. They can infect you regardless of your age, sex, nationality, skin color, and much more. They do not choose their victims. They might just sneak up on you and cause numerous harm and damage.

Common Symptoms

In order to know whether you have STDs or not, you should know what their most common symptoms are. Many of these STDs do not even show visible symptoms once they have infected somebody, and often times, it is almost too late to get treated once people realize that they have contracted an STD. This is when the importance of getting tested for STDs comes in. People should not wait for the symptoms to show before they go out of their way and undergo an STD test. 


Chlamydia is one of those sexually transmitted diseases that do not exhibit any visible symptoms once it infects a person. It only starts showing signs and symptoms after about a week or three weeks from the first exposure.

Genital Herpes

Genital herpes usually do not show any symptoms as soon as an individual acquires it. The first symptoms start showing after a couple of weeks.

Genital Warts

Genital warts start appearing after about three months since a person first contracts it.


Gonorrhea symptoms usually arise between two and thirty days after being exposed to the disease.


Syphilis symptoms show after about two weeks upon contracting it. The earliest symptom of syphilis is a sore known as chancre that may also appear as late as three months after the first exposure.

Hepatitis B

Hepatitis B patients will know that they have the disease after about one month of contaminating it.


HIV patients will not realize that they have the virus until after getting an STD test or when the symptoms start to show, which usually happens after a couple months.

Because there really is no one, exact time period as to when the symptoms of STDs appear, it is very common for people to not get tested for STDs. As a result, there is a big number of undiagnosed STD cases in our society today. Because of it, people become sick and develop complications that are already in the middle to later stages of the disease because they did not take an STD test.

We should all strive to prevent from contracting STDs and convince those that are at risk to get themselves tested for sexually transmitted diseases so they can seek the right treatment before it is too late.

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