Certain people are more likely to contract sexually-transmitted diseases due to their lifestyle and activities. They are advised to undergo STD testing regularly so as to keep themselves updated on their health.

If you want to know what activities can put you at greater risk for STDs, here they are:

Engaging in unprotected sex

Those that participate in oral, anal, or vaginal sex without using protection, such as latex condoms, are significantly at greater risk of contracting and spreading STDs. Also, improper wearing or usage of condoms can also increase the risk, so learn how to use them properly.

Having multiple sexual partners

Medical experts say that the more sexual partners a person has, the more likely he or she gets infected with STDs. If this is the lifestyle that you want to pursue, make sure to get tested regularly and convince your sex partners to do the same.

Have had STDs before

Those that have suffered from STDs before are more prone to getting other STDs as well. Testing for STDs and getting treatment should be taken seriously to lower your risks.