Common Sexually Transmitted Diseases in Men

Most men think that they are invincible. They think they can beat everything including Sexually Transmitted Diseases. For this reason, only a few numbers of men are seeking medical help whenever a symptom arises. Since most sexually transmitted infections don’t have any symptoms, treating sexually transmitted infections in men is more difficult. Let us take a look at some of the most common Sexually Transmitted Diseases that men often get.


This type of sexually transmitted infection affects the throat, the urethra and the anus of the infected person. This is caused by a bacterial infection. In most cases of men infected with gonorrhea, they don’t get diagnosed with gonorrhea until a complication appears because the infection itself has no symptoms. if a symptom appears, the infected person often disregards it thinking that what they are feeling is normal such as feeling pain when urinating and having swollen testicles.

Herpes (Simplex)

The herpes simplex virus (HSV) is the cause of herpes infection among men. There are two types of herpes infection, oral herpes or HSV Type 1 and genital herpes or HSV Type 2. This viral infection can be transmitted through direct contact with the infected oral or genital part. The most common symptom of herpes not only to men (but also to women) is having blisters that are often thought to be pimples. Because it looks plain simple, the infected person often ignores it until an outbreak occurs.

Hepatitis B

Hepatitis B virus causes Hepatitis B infection. This is one type of sexually transmitted infection that doesn’t affect the genital or private area of the infected person but rather it damages the liver. A direct contact with a person infected with Hepatitis B can lead to transmission of the disease and among the symptoms of this infection are having a low-grade fever and flu-like symptoms (joint and muscle pains).


This sexually transmitted infection is caused by bacteria that can be transmitted through direct contact.  Syphilis is one of the grimmest types of sexually transmitted infections because it often leads to HIV infection. There are four stages or phases of this infection and often times, diagnosis happens in the third or fourth stage due to lack of symptoms. Among the symptoms those men with syphilis experience are:

-        having painful sores in the body especially in the genital area

-        having swollen lymph nodes

-        having a skin rash

-        having a sore throat

-        feeling tired all the time and having unexplained headaches

Since human culture always looks up to men as the strongest and bravest, it is very unlikely for a man to confess having sexually transmitted infection nor to go out and ask to be tested. This was in the early years when Sexually Transmitted Disease was first discovered. This mindset has been slowly changing now that humans are starting to understand the threat and danger of having sexually transmitted infection. With so many campaigns and advancement in medical technology, men and women are now starting to be cautious and protective of themselves against Sexually Transmitted Diseases.