Common STD misconceptions

STDs are quite prevalent nowadays. There are several millions of people that are suffering from these infections right now, and a lot of them are not that well-informed on what STDs are, what they can do, how they are transmitted, how they can be detected, how they can be treated, and so on. Actually, there are several misconceptions about STDs that so many are confused. Here are just some of them:

Gays cause HIV. This misconception was born some decades ago when the earliest documented HIV case was diagnosed on a homosexual. After that, almost everyone believed that HIV came from gays and they were the only ones that could get infected with it. All of these are not true.

HIV is caused by a virus that can infect males, females, kids, adults, straight, lesbians, and gays. It does not choose its victims. Therefore, everyone should be very careful when they have sex.

Chlamydia, syphilis, HIV, and other STDs can be contracted by shaking hands or casual kissing. Nope. This is false. You need more intimate contact before you can contract these STDs. So, do not freak out if you have a friend or a family member who has an STD. They are not going to infect you just by holding your hand or brushing their arm against yours.

STDs can be cured by herbal therapy. No, not really. If you have an STD, you have to go see a doctor. There are many different treatment plans for STDs today, and they use antibiotic treatments and antiretroviral treatments.

When sores, rashes, and other STD signs disappear, it means you have been cured. No. No. No. When that happens, it does not mean that. STDs do not just go away without treatment. They are just biding their time, waiting to strike again and cause more severe complications. Get tested and treated as soon as possible.

STDs are a big problem today, so it is necessary to emphasize again and again the importance of STD testing. Use a rapid STD test kit offered by STD Rapid Test Kits for fast, easy, efficient, affordable, and convenient STD testing.