Common HIV Symptoms in Men


Should men get wary of HIV infection?  A data from CDC or the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in 2009 revealed how men are greatly affected with HIV infection and that in the US alone, at least a million men are infected with it. Two-thirds of the said numbers are bisexuals and gay men.

HIV Explained

The effect of HIV is too damaging to the immune system that it can thrive and defeat it if left untreated. A weakened immune system means having complications and susceptibility to all kinds of infections and diseases. Until now, it is still unexplained as to how HIV defeats the immune system of the body.

Advanced HIV infection

The advanced form of HIV infection is known as AIDs or Acquired immunodeficiency syndrome. This means that the immune system of the body has succumbed to the power of HIV. In the early times, when a person gets diagnosed with AIDS, it means suffering from 5 to 10 years then the end. Today, medical miracles and advanced technology have made it possible for men and women with AIDS to live long and fully with the help o lifelong medication.

The Secret to Long Life after being diagnosed with AIDS

 A new study that came out in PLOS Medicine revealed that with early detection and proper treatment, a person with AIDS today can still live a long and normal life. This is provided that the body’s immune system has not been totally compromised yet. Early detection is the key. On the other hand, early detection and early treatment also showed that AIDS patients can have a normal sex life without infecting their partner. This study was conducted by the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID).

Symptoms that men should watch out for!

If you knew that you are at risk of getting HIV because of your lifestyle, it is best to be cautious of how your body is all the time. Among the symptoms that you should be watching for are:

-        having rashes on your body such as on the legs to the arms and to the face

-        having a sore throat for no reason

-        you start seeing swollen glands on your lymph nodes

-        having regular headaches that are too bad

-        feeling nauseous for no reason

-        experiencing joint pain and muscle pain for no reasons

-        sweating at night despite a cold weather

-        experiencing blurry vision

-        feeling tired and having difficulty breathing for no reason

-        having lesions on your tongue

-        having bumps

-        having skin rashes that don’t go away after days

-        losing weight for no reason

The Worst Part of Having HIV

The symptoms above appear on the first stage and the last stage of the infection or when it is bad enough that treating it seems to be useless. On the first stage, the symptoms might appear and disappear after a few days. Then you start feeling fine for 5 to 10 years. After such a long time of staying dormant inside your body, the virus will explode, making you sick to the point of no return. This is the time when HIV becomes AIDS. So if you think you are at risk, always get tested!