HIV Symptoms in Men


The question that always arises is that should men worry about getting HIV? Research from CDC showed that men are mostly affected by hives, not only in America but millions of men are infected around the world among which two-thirds of the men are gay.

 HIV Explained

If HIV is not treated properly, then its effects are way too devastating and can damage your immune system so much that it won’t even work.  As you, all know that if you have a weak immune system, then you are vulnerable to all kinds of diseases and infections. Till now it is unexplained why and how the HIV defeats the immune system and controls the body

 Advanced HIV infection

 AIDS is the advanced form of HIV. When the seven stages of HIV have completed a person, then get aids. This clearly shows that the immune system has just given up. In the olden times, it was thought that, if a person is suffering from AIDS he might only live for five to ten years. But in today’s modern world with the help of technology and miracles, it has made easier for the people suffering from AIDS to live longer and not in much pain without lifelong medication.

 The Secret to Live Long Life after being diagnosed with AIDS

A person can live a normal life when he is diagnosed with AIDS but on an early stage revealed by the PLOS Medicine, at this time, your body’s immune system is not entirely ruled over yet, so it does work a little. This is also stated that if a person who is diagnosed with AIDS early can carry on with his sex life without even infecting his or her partner. This is a study conducted by the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases.  

Symptoms that man should watch out for!

 If you have an idea that you might get HIV due to your lifestyle you then must check out for its symptoms often, many of the symptoms are listed down below

 -       Rashes on your legs, hands, and face.

-        A sore throat for no perfect reason.

-        You feel your glands swelling.

-        Regular painful headaches.

-        Nausea for no reason.

-       Joint and muscle pain.

-      Severe sweating at night. 

-       Blurry vision.

-        Feeling tired.

-        Difficulty in breathing.

-       Lesions on your tongue.

-        Bumps.

-        Skin rashes.

-        Losing weight for no reason.

The Worst Part of Having HIV

 The symptoms of the disease appear only two times, once on the first stage of the infection and second time on the last stage when treating the person might feel like a waste of money and energy as it had gone way too far. The symptoms fluctuate while one the first stage, they come and go. After that, you survive for the next 5-10 years and feel fine, but the reality is that the virus grows in the body every day, and now it would have come to a point where it would have been useless to treat it.