The United States Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recently announced that circumcision can reduce the dangers of contracting sexually-transmitted diseases.

Protection against STDs

The guidelines released by the CDC explains how the surgical procedure can protect straight males from these infections. These also include advice on the importance of parents getting counseling and professional opinion from health providers on the advantages and benefits of having their newborn male babies circumcised. Also, these include significant information for adolescent males and adults males who are not circumcised and are considering having one.

Does circumcision help?

Various studies and research over the years have shown that circumcised males are less likely to contract sexually-transmitted diseases, such as HIV/AIDS, gonorrhea, syphilis, and Chlamydia, in comparison to those that are uncircumcised during vaginal sexual intercourse.

In addition to that, women are also safer and less likely to get infected with STDs if they engage in sexual intercourse with circumcised men. They become less vulnerable to common STDs in females such as trichomoniasis, HPV, and bacterial vaginosis. 

With the prevalence of different types of STDs today, it only makes sense to find ways to stop or manage their spread. Every day, there are a lot of people that contract and get infected with STDs, and the number continues to rise each year. Everyone should be vigilant and take part in the efforts to stop the spread of these infections.

Get tested for STDs at the earliest opportunity so that you can get the right type of treatment solution as soon as possible.