There are several HIV tests that people can undergo today, and choosing which one is the best can be a bit hard. You see, these HIV tests have their own sets of advantages and disadvantages, so it probably is up to your taste which one you want to settle with.

Getting HIV tested is important, especially nowadays, because of how prevalent the HIV infection is. Millions of people have been infected with this virus all over the world, and more and more people are falling victims to this silent killer.

HIV is caused by the virus called Human Immunodeficiency Virus, and it attacks a person’s immune system. As a result, a person who contracts HIV experiences a decline in his or her ability to fight off other viruses and infections. People who have HIV may develop AIDS in the long run.

The best way to not get HIV is to refrain from having unprotected sex. HIV is usually spread from one person to another through sexual intercourse, so it is essential that you use protection or just not have sex at all.

If you highly suspect that you have HIV, it is best to go out and get tested for HIV immediately. Here are some of the HIV tests that you might want to check out:


The HIV DUO test can be taken by a person 28 days after his or her possible exposure to the virus. It is a test that is commonly done in Europe. It works by looking for traces of HIV antibodies that may have appeared when the HIV entered the body.

HIV Home Test Kits

HIV home test kits are available for sale over the counter. They are handy, and anyone can buy them and use them. They are designed for testing for HIV in the house or any other place outside of an STD clinic or hospital, where they often use modern laboratory equipment. They offer potential HIV patients privacy and they are cheaper than the other HIV tests.

HIV 1/HIV 2 Antibody Test

These HIV tests are usually done in the United Kingdom. They were introduced at the beginning of the 1980s when HIV was discovered and became an epidemic. This method is able to provide accurate results and have very small chances of giving out false positives.

There are several other HIV test types that you may want to learn about. You can pay a visit to your doctor and ask about anything you want to know about HIV. All these HIV information are important because they will help you make wise and sound decisions.