Chlamydia does not always show symptoms once it affects a person. Usually, it would take some time before these warning signs start to appear. But for reference’s sake, here are some of the most prevalent warning signs of Chlamydia that we must watch out for:

  • Painful urination
  • Painful sexual intercourse
  • Rectal and abdominal pains
  • Spotting in between periods
  • Unusual discharge in the rectum
  • Mucopurulent discharge in the vagina
  • White or clear discharge in the urethra
  • Bleeding after sexual intercourse (girls)
  • Inflammation in the cervix, liver and fallopian tubes (girls)

In the higher stages, an individual may contract a pelvic inflammatory disease or PID (specifically the females), and salpingitis, which can cause ectopic pregnancy in girls and infertility as well.

What can you get done to detect Chlamydia in its early stage? 

A Chlamydia test kit is an extremely helpful tool to help people determine whether they have contracted it. It can supply them specifics of whether their warning signs show Chlamydia or not. This product is found in stores and also on the internet. It is appropriate for people who are too bothered or afraid to head to the hospital and see a medical practitioner.

The kits are created so that potentially-infected people can do the test in the comfort of their own homes, in their very own time. Adolescents who are very scared to speak about this problem to adults can perform the test alone, but they must be encouraged to see a specialist to steer clear of any more severe troubles.

In case tested positive, your next move must be to find a way to address it. This is the perfect time to look for professional assistance. In case tested negative, you need to remind yourself to observe safe sex always. Chlamydia can easily be procured via oral, anal or vaginal sex, so take the time to use the suitable protection.

How can we treat Chlamydia? 

An afflicted victim in the early stage will often be recommended to take doxycycline for a week or so. Numerous tests could follow suit to monitor if there are developments or complications. Their sexual companions also need to go through the same tests to examine their illnesses. This better be achieved as quickly as possible in an effort to cure the bacteria without delay.

It is rather imperative that you take action against Chlamydia before it propagates and ruins a person’s health. Go stop by your doctor to discover more about how distressing this health problem is to the body.