Chlamydia can be acquired in a number of ways. A mom who is affected by the illness can pass it on to her infant. An infected individual can pass it on to someone else via sex, be it oral, anal, or vaginal.

High-risk individuals

According to a report, younger girls are more prone to getting infected with Chlamydia simply because their cervixes have not realized total advancement yet. Moreover, anybody who has been with more sexual companions has a higher likelihood of getting infected with Chlamydia or various other STDs. 

Symptoms of Chlamydia

In girls, a burning sensation while urination could be experienced if they have Chlamydia. There is also a lumpy emission, and in even worse cases, fever, light bleeding, hurtful sexual intercourse, abdomen and lower back discomfort. 

In boys, the burning sensation is likewise typical. Occasionally, there will be ache or enlargement in the testicular zone. 

Major caution ought to be observed as more than half of all Chlamydia cases are thought to not have any kind of indicators whatsoever. 

Health impact of Chlamydia 

In females, as soon as the bacteria find their way into the cervix, they spread out to the rest of the female reproductive system, including the fallopian tubes. Occasionally, they can find their way to the rectal region. It is critical that women find time to get a Chlamydia test to prevent serious issues. Untreated of the STD could lead to lasting scar problems in the cervix, fallopian tubes, and uterus. It can also result in PID or pelvic inflammatory disease, ectopic pregnancy, and infertility. 

Men and women are also vulnerable to contracting an uncommon sort of arthritis called Reiter's syndrome. It brings about distressing wounds and the soreness in the eyes and the urethra.

Preventing Chlamydia

We ought to frequently observe extreme caution when having sex simply because we have absolutely no clue if our companions are infected with an STD just like Chlamydia. We have to take into account that our health is very important so that you can carry out our day-to-day routine.

If you find yourself experiencing a number of the indicators stated earlier or if you are sexually active, be sure you visit the nearest medical center or hospital and go through a Chlamydia test. These places present the test for nothing, so there is actually nothing to lose in the case of protecting your health and wellness.