Chlamydia can be acquired in several ways. A mommy who is afflicted with the infection can pass it on to her baby. An infected individual can pass it on to someone else by sex, may it be anal, oral or vaginal.

One article states that ladies, specifically the young ones, are more vulnerable to getting infected with Chlamydia simply because their cervixes have not attained total growth yet. Furthermore, anybody who has been with more sexual lovers has a bigger likelihood of getting infected with Chlamydia or various other STDs.

What are the warning signs of Chlamydia?

In females, a burning sensation when urinating could be experienced if they have Chlamydia. There is also a bumpy release, and in more serious cases, fever, blood loss, hurtful sexual intercourse, abdomen and lower back discomfort.

In males, the burning sensation also is typical. From time to time, there will be discomfort or enlargement in the testicular zone.

Serious caution needs to be observed as three-quarters of Chlamydia cases are believed to not have any kind of signs and symptoms whatsoever.

How can Chlamydia impair somebody?

In females, as soon as the bacteria find their way into the cervix, they spread out to the other areas of the female reproductive system. Occasionally, they can find their way to the rectum. It is critical that women find time to have a Chlamydia test to evade serious problems. Untreated of the STD could lead to irreversible scarring in the cervix, fallopian tubes, and uterus. It can also trigger PID or pelvic inflammatory disease, ectopic pregnancy, and infertility.

The public is also susceptible to contracting Reiter's syndrome, which is an uncommon sort of arthritis. It leads to agonizing wounds and the inflammation of the urethras and the eyes.

we must constantly observe extreme caution when having sex since we have absolutely no clue if our lovers are infected with an STD such as Chlamydia. We have to keep in mind that our health is very important to be able to carry out our day to day routine. If you find yourself experiencing a number of the indicators mentioned previously or if you are sexually active, remember to visit the nearest health care clinic or hospital and go through a Chlamydia test. These kinds of places present the test for nothing, so there is truly nothing to lose in terms of securing your health and life.