Chlamydia is one of the most prevalent sexually-transmitted diseases today. It can be passed on from one person to another through unprotected vaginal, anal, or oral sexual intercourse. It affects both men and women.

Having Chlamydia is not something to ignore and not pay attention to. Chlamydia can cause serious damage once it affects a person. If not diagnosed and not treated on time, it can lead to many severe complications that can totally wreck a person’s life.

What should I do if I have or if I suspect I have Chlamydia?

You have to get a Chlamydia test as soon as possible. There are many kinds of Chlamydia testing methods available today, but for now, we will look at one of them that is commonly used in various medical centers around the world.

This test is known as the Chlamydia Nucleic Acid Amplification Test or NAAT. It is conducted by getting a urine sample from the patient. The urine will be examined for traces of Chlamydia DNA. This is an easier way to test for Chlamydia compared to using a swab sample.

Many patients of Chlamydia go to health centers or STD clinics to get tested for Chlamydia. You have to search for the nearest medical facility that conducts a NAAT so that you can avail it before it is too late.

What should you do before taking the Chlamydia test?

You do not really have to do a lot of things or do anything special before you undergo Chlamydia testing. All they advise is that you should try not to urinate for at least an hour before you are scheduled to give your urine sample.

What happens after you have your urine sample?

After providing the clinic with your urine sample, they will send it to the laboratory for examination. NAAT results usually take between one and five business days before they are released.

You have the option to pick up your results at the clinic, call them over the phone, or ask them to email the results to you.

What should you do if you are tested positive for Chlamydia?

If you have been tested positive for Chlamydia, it is time to immediately seek treatment for Chlamydia. Talk to your doctor to know what your options are. There is no reason to wait long because Chlamydia can do more damage if you just leave it and not do something about it.