Widely known as a silent disease, Chlamydia is ready to sneak into the human body and get spread around with no detection since it is capable of doing all of these injuries without displaying any kind of warning signs. For that reason, over half of the females and males who are afflicted with the bacteria remain naive, undiagnosed, and neglected. They only discover that they have Chlamydia when the illness moves along to worse complications.

How prevalent has Chlamydia become? 

The number of individuals who have problems with Chlamydia incessantly rises each year. In the United Kingdom, it is the top sexually transmitted infection and it remains to be in this manner if we do not take appropriate measures about it.

A few years back, studies showed that over a hundred thousand people have been affected with Chlamydia. That figure went up, one year later, by almost fifty thousand. A little bit later, it was found out that more than half of all recorded circumstances were males and females aged between sixteen and twenty-four years old. These types of statistics are frightening since it merely goes to show lots of people still have so many doubts about Chlamydia.

What are the warning signs of Chlamydia? 

Men and women manifest different warning signs of Chlamydia. In guys, it will need between one and three weeks after getting the infection before the very first warning signs reveal. A peculiar discharge that seems to be gray and whitish could be observed on a patient’s penis tip. He could experience certain pain during urination. He can also feel pain sensations in his testicles.

In ladies, warning signs also emerge around one to three weeks after catching the ailment. She could experience some pain while urinating or having sex, or more upsetting, even bleeding. She might also release fluid that is weird looking. When you have these warning signs, a lady must right away get help mainly because the ailment can progress into considerably more serious complications. The Pelvic Inflammatory Disease or PID is what she might get if Chlamydia is not dealt with, and this can result in ectopic pregnancy, miscarriage, and infertility.

It is typical for the warning signs to disappear in a matter of days, but that does not dictate the infection has also disappeared. It could be merely biding its time. It is necessary not to take part in virtually any sexual activity in this interval to steer clear of spreading the ailment around.