Being one of today's most common sexually-transmitted diseases, Chlamydia is very easily transmitted from one person to another, usually through sexual contact. It has stricken so many men today, and about half of these cases are asymptomatic, meaning no signs and symptoms can be observed right away.

Chlamydia in men

As a male, it is important that you protect yourself against the Chlamydia infection. There are many reasons for this. First, Chlamydia can greatly affect your reproductive health. Second, it can put your sex partner(s) in danger. Lastly, it can bring about serious complications that can strike other major bodily organs.


If the Chlamydia bacteria get into your body, here are the symptoms that may manifest after some time:

1. Unusual discharge from the penis. This will typically be cloudy or yellowish.

2. In some cases, it can be clear. It also will smell really bad.

3. Pain when urinating. This is the result of the infection getting inside your penis and causing some swelling in there.

4. Burning pain or itchiness around the penis tip.

5. Inflammation of the testicles.

If these symptoms happen to you, it means that it is time to get a Chlamydia test. You can use first a simple Chlamydia home test kit. If the result of the test is positive we recommend you to see a doctor right away to get diagnosed and receive treatment for the infection.

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