Chlamydia is reported to have one of the highest numbers of documented cases among all the sexually-transmitted diseases (STDs) these days. As a result, the health field is doing its best to alert people and make them conscious of the effects of this infection.

Warning signs

Only some Chlamydia-infected men and women will present warning signs of this disorder. Because of this a lot of cases go without treatment and overlooked. Though over several hundred thousand were clinically determined to have it every year, experts believe that there are still more in existence that has problems with it.

Symptoms of Chlamydia

Allow me to share some of the more prevalent symptoms of Chlamydia if they indeed show up. Rectal pains accompanied by abdominal pains and painful urination are common. In females, spotting in between periods, light bleeding after sexual intercourse, soreness in the cervix, liver and fallopian tubes also occur. Bizarre discharge in the rectum, white or clear release in the urethra happens in both males and females. In the later stage, the sufferer could contract PID or pelvic inflammatory disease, and salpingitis, which might give rise to an ectopic pregnancy in females and infertility.

 Testing for Chlamydia early

To be able to detect Chlamydia early on, a Chlamydia test kit is an extremely valuable tool to help people verify if they have contracted it. It can give them information on whether their signs and symptoms indicate Chlamydia or not. This product is obtainable in stores and also over the internet. It is made for those that are so self-conscious or frightened to go to the clinic and see a health care provider.

Chlamydia test kits are manufactured so that potentially-infected sufferers can perform the test in the privacy of their own homes, in their own personal time. Adolescents who are very fearful to speak about this issue to adults can do the test alone, but they really should be advised to see a professional evade any more critical complications.

If unfortunately, you are tested positive for Chlamydia, your next move ought to be to find a way to cure it. This is the ideal time to get professional support. Otherwise, you must advise yourself to follow safe sex constantly. Chlamydia can easily be achieved via oral, anal or vaginal sex, so ensure that you utilize the suitable protection.