Chlamydia is now the number one most reported diseases in Muskingum County in Ohio.

According to reports, Chlamydia has become the most widespread sexually-transmitted disease in the area among males and females between the ages of 14 years old and 21 years old. The county health department also revealed that it receives between 55 and 65 Chlamydia case reports every month.

Why people should be tested routinely

Kristen Baker, an epidemiologist, said, since Chlamydia is one of those asymptomatic diseases, meaning they do not trigger noticeable symptoms upon infection or during the early stages, many infected people end up spreading the bacteria to others unknowingly.

If not diagnosed and treated right away, Chlamydia can result in serious complications such as pregnancy problems and pelvic inflammatory disease or PID in women. It can also infect the baby if not dealt with at the earliest opportunity.

Indicators of infection

Baker advised people to be wary of itching, unusual discharge, and burning sensations when urinating since these could be signs of a potential Chlamydia infection. She said people with those symptoms should immediately see a doctor for testing.

She also urged people to be careful in their sexual activities. Use protection all the time and stick to a monogamous relationship if possible.

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