Research has shown that there have been over 89 million cases of diagnosed chlamydia in the last ten years. And that in the next decade to come that number will surely increase, as will all the outbreaks that people never have diagnosed or receive any kind of treatment for. This is probably why as an STD chlamydia seems to have a very high number of reinfections through people thinking it will just go away and heal itself rather than taking a course of prescribed medication. 


Even though there have been high levels of education and information all about chlamydia it seems as though there are still a high number of people who either know nothing at all or are getting the totally wrong information about chlamydia. If you have the correct information on how to know you have chlamydia and how to go about being tested for it, please pass this onto a friend who perhaps is too embarrassed to ask because believe me you will be doing them a big favor. 

Get tested as soon as possible

As with most STDs and STIs, it is vitally important that you go and get tested if you have been involved in any acts of unprotected sexual intercourse or if experience any of the symptoms which you may show. Once you have been to the sexual health clinic and have tested positive this is then when your treatment can begin.

With learning more about chlamydia and the advances we continually have with medicine there are now quite a few ways of which medications you can choose to use. The normal route for chlamydia is to take a course of high strength antibiotics and if this still leaves you with some infection you will be given another course to take, it is important that you do finish any course of medication until they have all been used up.

Holistic or organic treatment regimes

Recently though it seems that the holistic or organic treatment regimes are becoming quite popular alongside the traditional medical medications. There are those who are choosing to maintain a healthy diet and fluid intake as opposed to always eating food which is referred to as processed or junk food, and drinking only healthy fluids. There is aromatherapy and herbal medicines that come from both flowers and plants that can help an individual’s body whilst it has the chlamydia infection and once it has gone it is said to be healthy to use only this kind of interventions. The Chinese like to use acupuncture for a whole host of medical illnesses as they believe that this helps to boost your immune system which then fights off any germs or infections which you are exposed to.

All these are fine, I myself will use herbal remedies alongside medical ones because it is important if you have chlamydia or any other STD that you must seek medical help and a course of treatment to fully clear up the infection. Then once you are clearly the best way to not become infected again is to either abstain from sexual intercourse totally or use a protective method such as a condom.