Chlamydia is documented as the most widespread among the several types of sexually transmitted disease in North America. From across the world, there are approximated at 89 million cases of Chlamydia and the number of occurrences is still expanding continuously.

The warning signs of a Chlamydia can be seen after weeks since that time the infection broke into the body. But generally speaking, Chlamydia displays absolutely no symptoms. Chlamydia is labeled as a quiet killer type of STD. Among the 89 million Chlamydia cases, nearly three-quarters of cases in women and half of the cases in men mentioned that infected people suffered not any symptoms from the infection. They are not even cognizant that the infection has already got into their body. 

Supplemental and Alternative Treatment Methods

Nourishment and Supplementation 

Make the greater part of your daily diet fresh fruit and veggies. Consume brown rice, whole grains, white fish, turkey, and raw seeds and nuts. Stay away from junk foods and refined foods, and consume sugar-free juices and natural herb teas. 

Traditional Chinese Remedies 

Acupuncture Along with traditional medication, acupuncture is often used to reduce the seriousness of Chlamydia-related discomfort, fever, and urinary malfunctions and to boost the immune system. 

Chinese Herbal And Natural Therapy

Garlic can be suggested as an all-purpose immunity-fortifying tonic while Gentiana, angelica, bupleurum, and Coptis (also known as Mishmi bitter) may be used to neutralize various symptoms and to keep the health problem from compromising fertility and accelerating to absolute PID. 


 Findings imply that the vital oil of red thyme, a mild anti-infective, could be valuable against Chlamydia. Talk to a medical expert before self-treating. 

Standard Medical Treatment 

 A family medical doctor, gynecologist (for ladies), or urologist (for guys) can diagnose Chlamydia with a secretions test. In ladies, secretions are extracted from the cervix and tested for the existence of Chlamydia trachoma is. Because Chlamydia is generally asymptomatic, females must have this test done during yearly gynecological examinations. In guys, semen or urethral secretions are examined for the organism. Chlamydia is quickly treated with antibiotics, and warning signs normally go away within a couple weeks. Both individuals have to be treated for the ailment, no matter who is infected with the virus.