A study had recently been made confirming the fact that children who in fact, do suffer from HIV can actually recover from their state and have their blood cells recover from the attack of HIV when they grow older. The studies have shown that the low blood cell count or CD4 count of only a few of them can actually multiply once again to normal levels once the children mature. This is a good sign as recently, many children have been suffering from many different forms of HIV and have been suffering far enough already. It's a good sign that if these children do suffer from HIV, it's important that they grow into healthy adults as they grow older. The important thing is that the HIV virus stays dead, and it will happen when the children grow up.

Studies are still being conducted 

Studies are not completely sure about the results but fortunately, the future looks bright for these children and people. Now they don't need to worry too much about the presence of HIV in their bodies as the studies have shown that their bodies can rebind and bounce back from the experience. This is also a good thing as these children would have known what it is actually like to have HIV and the experience will motivate them to spread the word of awareness to other people about HIV.

Parents should still be wary about the dangers of HIV

Despite the fact that most of the studied cases of children had actually rebounded back from their conditions, there were still some cases who did not. It is important that the parents of children everywhere be alert about the many different consequences that can happen to their children should they contract the disease of HIV. It is a difficult situation for both the child and the parent and measures should be taken to avoid such a situation when not really watched out for at the time.

Being aware is half the battle won

If you are aware of the many different complications that can arise from HIV, then you have won half the battle. It is quite important that you do know because as a parent, it is your responsibility to know the health status of your children. It is also important that everyone in the household gets HIV tests every once in a while in order to check the health status of the entire family. Simply being aware of HIV can help prevent it completely from ever even happening. The important thing is that the family should be safe from anything, especially HIV. Having HIV in your family could create bricks and cracks within the family and could destroy the very foundation of your family. This is why it's very important that you teach the children about sex and safe sex early on in their lives so that they do not go on to make mistakes they may regret in the future.