Sexually transmitted diseases like syphilis are contracted through sexual contacts, like anal intercourse, oral intercourse, and vaginal intercourse. It can also be passed on to skin contact with an individual that has a syphilis rash or syphilis sores or by a blood transfusion.
Syphilis includes an extensive and bloody background. But even though how well-educated people today compare to men and women of earlier times, some remain oblivious to the symptoms of syphilis. Let me share the indicators any individual may have this illness.

The various stages of infection

Syphilis has various stages. The initial period, or primary syphilis, occurs as a progression of an ulcer or chancre. The chancre arises at least a week after the sickness has settled into the body system. This infection is a result of bacteria referred to as spirochetes and is very contagious when the ulcer exists.

Exposure to the ulcer transmits the bacteria and ailment. Transmission happens by skin contact, shared stuff or sexual relations. Ulcer in the mouth can readily disperse the ailment simply by kissing. Although the ulcer may go away with no treatment following three to six weeks, the illness can recur many months in the future as secondary syphilis if the primary stage is not addressed.

The secondary stage of syphilis arises weeks or months after the earliest stage and it persists four to six weeks. Secondary syphilis causes changes to the organ systems of the human body, and the man or woman infected usually experiences other various warning signs.

The common signs and symptoms

Signs and symptoms of syphilis incorporate the arrival of some un-itchy rash popping up on the palms or the feet. Transmission is usually as easy as skin contact. Someone may also have premature baldness, sore throat, white patches around the nose, mouth, and vagina, fever, and mild to severe headaches. There can be skin lesions on the genitals. And comparable to skin rash, these lesions that look similar to warts are incredibly infectious.

Similar to any other diseases, if left undiagnosed and with no treatment, syphilis can result in irreversible health problems. And dissimilar to the people of past, we people of the present are generally more knowledgeable and familiar about our body health and fitness.