Syphilis is an extremely infectious disease mostly spread by sexual activity which includes oral sex and anal sex. It is considered as the worst disease. It is a life-threatening sexually transmitted disease. When there is too severe infection then the simple kissing or close bodily contact can be a cause of transmission of bacteria to the other person. Syphilis is usually characterized by sores that are imperceptible. The person who is infected is usually not aware of the disease and without knowing he or she passes it to his or her sexual partner.

Treatments of Syphilis

Causes of Syphilis: Syphilis which is an infectious disease is caused by the bacterium which is known as Treponema Pallidum.  This infection can easily be passed from one person to a further through sexual contact. The person who is sexually active can easily get it. Both men and women are affected by this infection and can pass it on.

Facts about Syphilis: Different facts that you should know about Syphilis are as follows:

  • It can not be passed on by using the same toilet seat that the person who is infected with syphilis previously use.
  • It can not be passed on by holding the same door handle that a person infected with syphilis holds.
  • By the sharing of clothes, syphilis cannot be transferred.
  • By sharing the same utensils that syphilis infected person is using can’t spread the disease.
  • It can not be transmitted by using the same swimming pool, hot tubs or bathtubs which syphilis infected person is also using.
  • The main source by which it can be transmitted is through intimate contact with the one who is infected with syphilis bacteria.
  • By the use of a condom, you can save yourself from getting syphilis but it is not sure that you are completely protected from getting syphilis.
  • Syphilis infection is easily curable but if it is not treated properly on time then it can cause brain and heart damages.

Treatment of Syphilis: Syphilis infection is usually treated with antibiotics. If the infection is at its early stage then only single dosage of penicillin is enough to cure it. If you wanted to treat the infection fast then a single dosage of Benzathine Penicillin G can be very effective. If the patient doesn’t know when the infection is started then the three dosage of Benzathine penicillin G is very effective for killing bacteria. If the syphilis is of advanced from then different types of penicillin injections are recommended for the treatment. Different injectable includes procaine penicillin and benzathine penicillin is usually prescribed. The patients who can not tolerate penicillin can use other drugs like Doxycycline, ceftriaxone, tetracycline to fight the infection. When the treatment of syphilis is taken place the person should refrain from sexual activities until every sore are cured.

Effect of Syphilis Infection on Pregnancy:  The woman’s who are pregnant and have syphilis infection have to face many problems. They have a higher possibility of having immobile birth or delivering a baby who can pass away after few hours of delivery. If a baby remained alive from the infected mother then the baby ought to be tested and treated instantly. If the baby is not infected with syphilis they possibly will develop it after some time that can direct to unexpected effects like convulsion or most awful or the baby can die.