Causes and Treatments for the Sexually Transmitted Disease Trichomoniasis


I am going to guide you through an explanation now of another Sexual Transmitted Disease, this one is called Trichomoniasis. It is sometimes referred to as Trich as by looking at the spelling this is much easier for the health professionals to write down.

The Trich STD is known to be an infection from a parasite, and in a recent study which has been taking place results are showing that there are around seven million cases of both Female and Males are being reported and treated by our sexual health professionals in clinics. These results were gathered over a full twelve months of study, and because the symptoms of trich are mostly hard to see and can be quite mild in males it is often only found out that they are suffering when their infected partner is tested positive for this.

As for the symptoms of trich, it has not yet been proved how certain people will have no true symptoms but will then test positive whilst others will show some signs of the infection. It is however widely thought that this can be put down to the fact that the trich infection is, in fact, a parasite and some people will show more symptoms if they are already in ill health and being treated for an illness by a health professional as opposed to those who are mainly healthy and have some resistance to this particular type of parasite which can carry the infection.

Symptoms in men

The symptoms of trich can lead to a male having:

  • An irritation or burning sensation after both urinating or ejaculation.
  • A feeling of again irritation, itchiness or burning inside of the penis and having a small amount of discharge.

Symptoms in women

Women but especially those who are older in age can experience:

  • Pain where the reproductive organs are placed, although this affects only a low number.
  • Pain and burning whilst both having sex and urinating.
  • An itchy vagina.
  • A discharge which is colored greenish-yellow, this will present as being a bit like the froth of beer foam and it will have a pungent aroma.

It will become apparent that you have this parasite anytime within a month after being exposed to it, although at times the symptoms will come and go you must seek the appropriate treatment to be fully clean from infection. It is also common that you could need a repeat treatment.

 You will need to have an examination to prove that it is this particular parasite which is causing the infection. Men will sometimes test as clear, but both partners are treated at the same time. It is also advised that you do not consume alcohol whilst taking this medication, as it can impair the strength of the medication.

If you do leave this untreated you may be more at risk of developing another STD alongside this one. If you are pregnant you can be treated but you will higher your risk of having a premature birth and quite low weight baby.