Catching an STD


Today all I am going to talk about is about the infections that spread rapidly by intimate sexual contact.  If a person has an active sex life then he has a higher risk of getting infected. As we all know that nowadays people feel embarrassed to talk about sex, to talk about the problems that occur and to talk about what they should do when they feel that they are infected from any of the diseases, as we live in a modern world people feel shy to talk about such things to even their health professionals.

The spread of STDs

Most people catch STD’s when they don’t offer safe sex with people who already are infected but doesn’t know or even know, that doesn’t matter, and the infection will probably pass it over to you too. This is the main and actual reason why the health professionals recommend using condoms so that it becomes more and safer. Now day’s people have had sex with many people before they settle with one so to prevent any infections in that period of time, you should just always use condoms and make it much safer. Unless and until you and your partner both realize that you are finally infection free, you should take extra precautions.

Types of Infection you are exposed to

If you don’t take the right precautions while having sex you will mainly suffer from two types of infections. The first type of infection is that infection which is caused by the direct attack of by the bacterium and the good thing is that it can be easily cured by the correct treatment obviously by mostly any of the clinic in your area. The second type of infection is an infection which is caused by having unsafe sex; this infection probably becomes HIV which will rapidly become the Aids virus. This is the main reason why I think that people should get themselves tested if they are healthy enough to just forget about condoms and just to it the other way, freely and exclusively.  

The thing is that the more you have sex with different people the more the risk will increase of you getting infected; the people who have higher chances of getting infected are lesbians, gays, and the transgender. Pregnant women should be very concerned about this because if they are infected by any of these, they will probably pass it to their child, yet to be born. 

What you need to do to prevent infection

If you want to never get infected by any of the infections than all you have to do is not have intimate relations but as in today’s modern world, it seems impossible to have sex with only one person so to lessen the risks of getting infected you must take all sort of precautions and use condom, always, and most importantly with the new partners. So if you actually do these things you might actually help in transferring less bacterium and even the virus will less infect the people.

To get your own peace of mind, get yourself checked by a health doctor if you feel any symptoms of the above-listed categories.