Today I am going to tackle the subject of infections which are passed on by having intimate sexual contact, every person who has an active sex life can be at some risk of catching these infections. I find that this along with information on practicing safe sex, and being aware of where you should go and who to speak to if you think that you have been infected in any of these ways is often very much lacking in the conversation as naturally, people are embarrassed to bring up the topic and actually talk about it to a health professional.

The primary way of catching an STD is by having unprotected sex with a person who either knowingly or unknowingly already has this infection and so, therefore, will pass it on to unsuspecting partners. And this is why you are advised to use condoms as a protective measure even if you are already on another type of birth control. Lots of people will have many sexual partners until they find the person with which they would like to settle down, so it makes sense to take this extra precaution until you can both verify that you are in fact infection free.

There are two kinds of infection which you could come into contact with if you do not use the correct protection method. Infections which are actually caused by a bacterium can be successfully eradicated with the correct treatment at one of the many clinics in your area. However, if it is the actual virus that has been passed on to you by having unprotected sex it could lead to HIV which in time will develop into the Aids virus. This is why I believe that every person should be tested and given a clean bill of health before they decide to ditch the condoms with the person that they intend to be with exclusively. 

 So basically the more relationships you have the greater chance of you being infected becomes, those that have a much higher chance of succumbing to this include people who have many intimate partners which also include those who present as lesbian, gay and transgender.  Pregnant women also need to be aware as if they have one of these infections it can be passed onto to their unborn child whilst they are carrying them. 

The only true way to never be infected with either the bacterium or virus is to totally abstain from having intimate relations, but in the real world this is never going to happen so it is vitally important that you use condoms to protect you and lessen the chance of you becoming infected with any new partners you may have. Although this is in no way a foolproof method to say that you will never be infected, it is thought if you use correctly then this can help to stop the transfer of the bacterium and virus from infecting even more people. 

My advice to remain healthy is to get checked out if you fall into one of the categories I have mentioned above for your own piece of mind.